All major planned Features and Bugfixes will be listed here, and will be addressed in the order indicated.  If your business or app requires a lower-ranked feature, and you're a live feed subscriber, we can certainly be convinced to re-prioritize.  Note that these are separate from any discrepancy you may notice in the stats, as those are resolvable by suggesting a change for the player or game play.  Otherwise, if you want to report something not listed here, tell us about it and we'll address it ASAP.

Last Updated On: January 9th @ 4:26PM ET

1. Add DFS data feeds

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 0% (Jan 2017)

For our DFS subscribers, we're be adding a new feed to report historical, daily FanDuel and DraftKings player salaries for all active players.


2. API Improvements and Complete Documentation

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 75% (Jan 2017)

In order to make changes to the existing data structures for each data feed, we'll be introducing versions - you'll need to specify the version along with the feed. We're also aware that our API documentation may not be as verbose as it should be, and some folks have a hard time finding it.  So we'll be spending some time to tidy up this area of our site, and make it much easier to find and more descriptive.


3. Create open source wrapper library and related feeds for filtered player/team lists

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 0% (Feb-March 2017)

Several subscribers have requested a data feed which would only return a subset of players, based on name, position type, and others.  It will include only the specified stats, and allow sorting.

In order to do this, we're going to actually create an open source library, available on GitHub.  It will act as a type of proxy for our existing feeds.  It will take care of feed retrieval, caching of feeds locally to disk, proper compression to save bandwidth, and lots of options to filter results.

Initial library will be based on Java to suit our own needs, but perhaps can be used as a model for other languages as well.


4. Improved detail for Player injuries

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 0% (2017?)

As of now, our Injury feed only includes a player's LATEST injury as a brief textual description. We plan on adding an overall status category (Probable, Injured Reserved, etc), date/time of injury.  This will likely also involve changes to the starting lineups for each game, since that's the best place to specify who's playing or not and why.


5. Player contract and draft info

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 0% (2017?)

We'll be adding Player salary contract details, along with a corresponding data feed.  Subscribers will be able to crowd-source this data along with other bio info.


6. Team Depth Charts

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 0% (2017?)

We intend to add a new feed and related screens for determining a team's roster depth and potential starters , organized by player's position.  


7. Correct some edge cases with historical data

Type: Data

Completion Status: (Ongoing)

Some residual NFL yardages for completed seasons will continue to be adjusted throughout the summer.


8. Expand historical data for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL

Type: Data

Completion Status: 0% (2017 and onwards)

We plan on adding in-game play data as far back as we can possibly go, with as much detail as possible.  So if you like FREE all-you-can-eat data, you're gonna love MySportsFeeds.


9. Enable Full Crowd-Sourcing for NFL/NBA/MLB

Type: Feature

Completion Status: 0% (2018?)

For the time being, we've decided to disable the crowd-sourcing controls for NFL, NBA, and NBA games, so that we can focus on other priorities relating to getting you the data you need first.  This task will effectively complete the game summary screens for each league, so that anyone can join in and chat or enter play-by-plays as they happen.  And get rewarded for it!  For examples, check out any of our NHL game, which currently has the crowd-sourcing controls in place.