Frequently Asked Questions

We'll try and answer the most commonly asked question here.  If you're still puzzled after reading these, contact us and we'll respond within 24 hours.


Q1. How can you offer this for free?

Q2. Where do you get your stats from?

Q3. How accurate is your data?

Q4. How often do you make updates, and when?

Q5. I'm getting 204 or 304 HTTP responses when I make requests to the API.  What gives?

Q6. I don't need all of the feeds, can I get a discount?

Q7. Your feeds don't include a team/player stat I need - when will you include it?

Q8. Are you going to add more historical data for past seasons?

Q9. How can I view the site using my older phone?



A1. How can you offer this for free?

One of our goals at MySportsFeeds is to make sports data accessible to everyone who needs it. We wanted to remove all obstacles, of which probably the most important for developers and small operations is price. Our costs are covered by our commercial subscribers, and other spin-off services which will use our own data. That's right, we eat our own dog food. :)

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A2. Where do you get your stats from?

MySportsFeeds is its own data source. We use a crowd-sourced model, backed by our own data entry staff.  What that means is that any of our subscribers (the "crowd") can contribute by making suggestions which will then be reviewed by MySportsFeeds moderators.  The types of suggestions which can be made include:

  • adding new players, or changes to existing ones
  • adding or rescheduling a game
  • modifying a player's current injury
  • submitting a pre-game lineup
  • making game comments
  • in-game plays, depending on the sport/league
In particular, it's the last item, the in-game plays, from which we derive all of our stats.  For live games, this is done in real-time.  Just to be sure, our own staff are busy entering plays ourselves, and reconciling those with plays entered by subscribers.  The end result is a very timely and accurate source of data.  You can find a complete list of updates, and their associated member rewards here.

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A3. How accurate is your data?

Very accurate.  Since we base all of our stats on the in-game plays, we rarely have to make updates.  In fact, the majority of our discrepancies have to do with updates the leagues make overnight, or even several days after games have been completed.  We're aware of a few anomolies and edge cases with some of our historical data for both NHL and NFL, however we plan on having these resolved prior to the Fall of 2016.

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A4. How often do you make updates, and when?

For live games, we're making changes pretty much every few seconds.  Outside that though, we making changes every single day, throughout the day, starting with verifying game data and stats.  Other updates are made as we're aware of them, such as player trades and signings.  Of course, our subscribers are free to suggest changes too, at any time.

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A5. I'm getting 204 or 304 HTTP responses when I make requests to the API.  What gives?

These response codes are explained under the API section for each feed's summary.  Essentially, a 204 means the content isn't yet ready - this usually occurs when you only have access to post-game data and you make a request for a live game's feed.  A 304 response indicates that the content hasn't changed since your last request.  This can also be affected by your subscription's frequency limit. (e.g. - if you're subscribed to get updates every 5 minutes, you'll continue to see 304 responses until your 5 minute request frequency has expired)  These response codes are our way of limiting bandwidth usage without forcing you to mind the number of requests you make.  With MySportsFeeds, you can make as many requests as you want to, potentially every single second! (please try to avoid that though) :)

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A6. I don't need all of the feeds, can I get a discount?

Hey, we're nothing if not reasonable.  We're confident that our prices are the most aggressive in the industry, but contact us and let us know what you need, and we can surely work something out.

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A7. Your feeds don't include a team/player stat I need - when will you include it?

We're hyper-focused on adding support for the "big 4" sports leagues in North America (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB).  As such, our initial version of the feeds for each league will be based on the most common ones used in fantasy sports.  After that we will absolutely be working on deepening our stats offerings, including advanced stats and complex splits.  Having said that, if it's crucial for your business and you willing to subscribe to our live feeds ... contact us and we can probably make it happen sooner.

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A8. Are you going to add more historical data for past seasons?

Absolutely!  One of MySportsFeeds most popular features is the fact that we don't charge for historical data.  We aren't shying away from that, and aim to go as far back as we possibly can.  We just need to complete some other items on our roadmap first.

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A9. How can I view the site using my older phone?

MySportsFeeds was designed to be "responsive", meaning it will adapt to display differently on various devices, based on their width.  The minimum width we considered was 320 pixels, as the vast majority of mobile devices support that width or above.

If you're still having trouble on an older phone, you could try using the Opera Mini browser and enable either "Single Column View" or "Mobile View" and use smaller font sizes.

The game summary screens may be particularly slow to load on older phones, or a slow network connection, as there is a lot of data to be loaded on those pages.  Look for further improvements on that in the future.

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