Sports Data API

Get started for FREE with all historical seasons and data using our RESTful API.  In-progress seasons are free for non-commercial use, with flexible options for commercial use and the best up-front prices in the biz.  Plus a FREE trial for as long as you need.  Consistent data for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL including Scoreboard, Boxscores, Schedules, Standings, Injuries and more.  

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Running a tight ship on a limited budget? No problem, we offer the best value in the industry. First off, if you represent a non-commercial operation, postgame data for current seasons is 100% FREE! Otherwise, you can choose your level of commitment based on your need and budget, per league. There's also no need to pick and choose, you get ALL available feeds.


Some of our competitors only offer feed content in XML format.  Or only JSON.  And many of them blissfully overlook CSV formats.  Well we think that's just silly, so we let you choose which format you prefer for EVERY feed.

You also don't have to receive every single player and team stat that's not important to you and your app.  You can optionally select individual stats you want for each feed delivered.

Don't want to use our RESTful API?  Rather have us push the feeds out to you when ready, or when something changes?  No problem, just make your automated PUSH settings for each feed, and we'll deliver them via email or FTP.


We employ a unique combination of crowd-sourcing, backed by our own content moderators. This results in a very high degree of accuracy, since there are so many eyeballs on each game and every play.  Our subscribers are highly knowledgable sports fans, and are rewarded for accurate suggestions.  Behind the scenes, our staff are constantly reviewing suggested content, as well as making changes on their own. Since it's crowd-sourced anybody can join in, it's actually quite fun!  In fact, why not try it yourself?